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Astrologer Vivek is praised by all his followers and people as a best Astrologer in Australia. He can predict your problems by grabbing your expression itself. And his healing process has no words to say such a great treatment with caring.

His mantras and way of worship to God is very delightful and makes you to follow him. He protects his customers from any magical effects. Voodoo problems can be solved by only some people and he is one among them. He gives great advices for love life, marriage life, business development, financial management, stopping divorce; bring back your love by his advices.

Like these there are many skills and achievements are done by our great Astrological gift Vivek. His doors are always welcomes you with love and caring. He is situated in a peaceful place with natural resources. Now he is also available in online sites to solve your problems from long distance.


Astrologer Vivek will be always available on online. You can mail your problems to Email id: You can also contact him by +61 466 319 099

Astrologer Vivek
Stop Separation and Divorce

Are you feeling separated by your married one? Do you feel to hold them back? If you want to stop your separation immediately and then hurry up to visit our astrologer to solve your divorce problem.

Love Spells Astrologer

Do you have any kind of problems regarding your love life? Do you want your love back? Any kind of love spell advice will be given by our Astrologer and he will solve your problem immediately and smoothly.

Spiritual Healing

Are you in the need of healing your body? Any long time issues causing you feel bad in your life? Visit our astrological centre; he will reduce all your pain and mental stress by his healing method.

Get your love back

Do you feel lonely without your loved one? Follow our Astrologer Vivek’s ideas in love and apply his advices with your loved one’s and get your love back into your beautiful life.

Husband And Wife Relationship Problems

Do you have any confusion in married life? Visit us and get our Astrologer Vivek’s principles of leading the marriage life happily. Follow his ideas you will not have your relationship problems anymore.

Psychic reading

What problem distracts your health and mind? Any kind of psychic reading method can be done by our Vivek by his astrological knowledge and by his way of psychic reading. Sure you will get good results of visiting our centre

Black Magic Removal

Are you feeling any bad symptoms happening to you? Do you feel it as black magic effects? It will be easily removed by out astrologer skills and will solve the issues made by the black magic.

Financial Problem

Is there any financial problems are revolving around you? Do you feel you couldn’t solve your financial problems? Here is our Astrological centre to solve your problem by giving practical advice from our Astrologer Vivek .

Divorce Problem

Are you in the stage of divorcing your partner? Don’t make sudden decision and leave your partner. Visit our centre deliver your problems to our Astrologer he will solve all your problems by giving the best solution.

Health Issues

Do you feel sick repeatedly? Do you have any disease that doesn’t cure for long time? Come to our astrology centre, share your problems with our astrologer and he will give any kind solutions for any kind of problems.

Remove Evil Spirits

Any evil activities had happened to you and you feel afraid of it. Our Astrologer can easily understand what evil follows you and he removes the evil spirits by his devotion towards god and unplugs the problems of spirits and evils.

Voodoo Curse Removal

Our expert Vivek knows how to solve those magical effects by his astrological knowledge and he is a great myth in solving voodoo doll effects. Arrive to our centre soon to end your problems immediately.

Marriage Problem

Are you not happy with your married partner? Do you lead the problematical marriage life? Here is our astrologer with great ideas of solving any mental and physical problems in your marriage life.

Removing Witchcraft Curses

Any witches activities had happened to you. Don’t wait for anything. Immediately catch our Astrologer Vivek he can handle any witches by his skills in astrology and remove it and he protects you from any other witches activities.

No.1 Indian Astrologer in Australia.

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  • Are you involve with any court cases / litigation / Family Problem?
  • Are you strugling with your business/job/profession?
  • Are you loosing your property/real estate/money?
  • Have you ever had miscarriage / Problem with Pregnancy?
  • Do you know anyone that has an evil possession inside the body?
  • Do you have lot of blockage / Bad luck in your success?
  • Do you believe that someone has done black magic on you?
  • Do you believe that someone has done kaala jadoo for you?
  • Do you often have strange, scary dreams and sleepless nights?
  • your spouse (husband/wife) fight with you often?
  • Do your children have drinks / drug addiction problem?
Testimonials from Customers

Thank you so very much, Astro vivek ji, for the incredible reading I just received! It had an amazing amount of information, which was all new resonated 100%. But even more importantly, you gave me some very thoughtful and useful advice, which is truly unusual and so appreciated. I know I will contact you again for further work. All my best to you and many thanks again!

Indiana Doyne

Thanks Pandit Ji After Meeting You, Our All Problems Just Vanished we like to thanks You For Every Thing.. Today our family is complete just Because of you, after Following Your Foot step one cannot ask for me believe me guys best Astrologer highly qualified must go and meet Astro vivek ji the Best Astrologer

Riley Frater

Thank You Very Much Pandit Ji Astro Vivek! I am Very pleased to inform to you that all my problems has now got solved by your Graces and blessings! Your solution was Amazing Indeed!

Jackson Gresham

Best Astrologer in the World. He did my Work within Proper time. i was Facing Study and Love Problems. He helped me Very Much, Because of him only today am very happy. Once Again Thanks Astrologer Astro Vivek ji

Aiden Alngindabu

Pandit Vivek astrologer is different from other astrologers. He gave me accurate predictions about my daughter’s studies and profession. He also tells some simple remedies which give me powerful results.

Elijah Smalley

I was having many problems regarding my career for the last few years; one of my friends suggested me to get consultation from astrologer Pandit Vivek ji. Last year i consulted Astrologer Pandit Vivek ji and he suggested me some remedies and gave two gemstones to wear, trust me with in few months i got positive results and almost my career problems solved. Thanks to Pandit Vivek ji by heart.

Harrison Mullagh

Hello everyone i just want to share my experience with astrologer Pandit Vivek ji i am very much happy with his service he is a great person very nice thinking about my horoscope chart thanks.

Isaac Birtles

I was searching for a Vashikaran expert and there I found this Vashikaran expert, astrologer Pandit Vivek ji. He really proved like a Godly figure to me when I contacted him for my problem. I wanted to go for Vashikaran of a dear friend of mine and after contacting The Famous Astrologer in Australia Pandith Vivek Ji, that friend really came back to me. I was so much relieved and happy.

Jaxon Hoffnung

Simple! Yet One of the Best... Relieved after talking to him, no nonsense... He listens all your issue patiently and gives pretty easy & doable solution... Would look forward to speaking with you again... Thank you Pandit Vivek ji...

Ben Sandford

Very Good, Pandit Vivek ji helped me with most of my troubled issues and gave me a ray of hope that things will turn positive. Very positive and calm with his remedies and I am confident that situation would be turning positive soon as per his predictions. Thank you Pandit Ji for your guidance and support

Katie Beaurepaire